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Water CO2 Sensor

Offering you a complete choice of products which include dissolve co2 sensor.
  • Dissolve Co2 Sensor
  • Dissolve Co2 Sensor
  • Dissolve Co2 Sensor
  • Dissolve Co2 Sensor
  • Dissolve Co2 Sensor
  • Dissolve Co2 Sensor
  • Dissolve Co2 Sensor
  • Dissolve Co2 Sensor
Dissolve Co2 Sensor

Dissolve Co2 Sensor

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Product Brochure

Measurement Range1000 PPM
Operating Voltage24V
Output Current ( in mA)4-20mA
Warranty1 year warranty
Usage/ ApplicationTO measuring Dissolve water co2 Sensor
Detection PrincipleNDIR
Operating Humidity100%
Country of OriginMade in India
Gas Phase CO2 Gaseous Carbon Dioxide, CO2 (g), is commonly measured in units of ppmv (parts per million by volume). This is the ratio of the number of CO2 molecules per million molecules of total gas. The ppmv of CO2 in air does not change with pressure. The ppmv CO2 is also referred to as the mixing ratio, xCO2. Note that xCO2 refers to dry gas while wCO2 refers to the total gas including water vapor In natural waters, CO2 (g) is often reported as a partial pressure, pCO2, with units of microatmospheres (µatm). Unlike xCO2, pCO2 is dependent on the total gas pressure. The standard units of measurement for CO2 are normally defined by each application. For example, climate change and ocean acidification scientists use microatmospheres as a standard unit of measure, unlike the aquaculture industry, which typically uses milligrams per liter. Figure 2. CO2-Pro Atmosphere Sensor measures both air and surface water pCO2 for carbon flux measurements. Dissolved CO2 and Units of Measurement TECHNICAL NOTE 1.1: Introduction Dissolved carbon dioxide sensors often utilize equilibrator systems with semipermeable membranes in order to measure CO2 directly in the gas phase, most commonly using an infrared detector. As a result, these instruments normally report a “gas phase” concentration of CO2 that is in equilibrium with the surrounding liquid in which the sensor is immersed. The same equilibration dynamics occur at the surface of a body of water in contact with the atmosphere, such that the concentration of CO2 in the water is driven toward equilibrium with the partial pressure of CO2 in the atmosphere: CO2 (g) <—> CO2 (aq) It is important to understand the units of measure to ensure proper measurement and reporting of data. This technical note aims to outline the various units of measure for CO2 in water, as well as, how to convert between these units. This will allow the user to correctly measure and report data using dissolved CO2 sensors, including the CO2-Pro Series and Mini CO2 sensors manufactured by Pro-Oceanus Systems. Figure 1. Dissolved CO2 sensor with membrane equilibrator. The two terms are related through pressure by: pCO2 = xCO2 X P(dry) or pCO2 = wCO2 X P(wet) where P is the total gas pressure measured in atmospheres and xCO2 and wCO2 are in ppmv. A third unit of measure for CO2 is the fugacity, fCO2. The fugacity corrects for non-ideal gas behavior of gases and can be estimated from approximate expressions along with temperature and pCO2. In most cases fCO2 is within a few µatm of pCO2.

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  • Item Code: DissolveCo2Sensor
  • Production Capacity: 100
  • Delivery Time: 1 to 2 Days
  • Packaging Details: Cardboard packaging

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